Tiny Sugru Rubber Ducky Travel Nail Brush



Introduction: Tiny Sugru Rubber Ducky Travel Nail Brush

I wanted to make a little gift for a friend who is travelling overseas, I had made a tiny travelling nail brush from a toothbrush for myself years ago and found it really useful, so I thought I would make one for her too.

I wanted to personalise it and thought the rubber ducky would be cute - Sugru is rubbery when cured and I hope will be able to stand everyday use - so that is what I used.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Toothbrushes
  • Sugru
  • Toothpicks
  • Polyclay
  • Knife
  • Toilet paper
  • Nail File

Step 2: Little Rubber Ducky Beaks

Sugru only comes in one size packet - and once you open it you have to use it all straight away; I decided to use polyclay for the beaks. As I wasn't sure how big the ducks were gonna be I made a range of sizes.

I made a little ball of clay, squashed it into a circle then used the toothpicks to crease it in half, I bent the halves and then took a little bit off the sides.

Step 3: Toothbrush to Nailbrush

I used the knife to cut through most of the toothbrush, then just snapped them. That's where the nailfile comes in to clean up the edges.

Step 4: Sugru Rubber Duckys

There are lots of tips for using Sugru on their site https://sugru.com/getting-started

I got three ducks from the pack of Sugru, I divided it into 3 uneven parts and then each one of those I divided into 2. With one half I made the body (which if I did it again would be squatter) and with the rest I made the head, just a ball, and the wings.

Step 5: Attached

Two of the ducks stuck just fine, one however didn't. I think it may have still had some 'resist' from where I had wiped the mirror table with soapy water when I was making the bodies.

When they were cured I used superglue to attach it back and it seems to have worked.

Step 6: Finishing

I used a Sharpie to draw the eyes, I noticed that the rubber duck that I have (a present from one of my lovely sisters-in-law) has eyelashes, so these have eyelashes

My finger is in the photo showing scale.

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