Tiny TMNT Amigurumi Pattern

Introduction: Tiny TMNT Amigurumi Pattern

I made this little pattern for my friend's birthday. Forgive the bad pictures, I only had a cellphone handy.

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Step 1: Mini TMNT Amigurumi Pattern

Step 2: Abbrevitions

st- stitch

MR- magic ring

sc- single crochet

inc- increase

dec- decrease

hdc- half double crochet

slt- slip stitch

blo- Back Loop Only

Step 3: Materials Needed

Green yarn- medium weight- 4mm- I use redheart soft touch because I'm a wimp and don’t like the feel of coarse yarn.

Small amount of blue/red/orange/purple yarn- depending on the turtle you’re making. Tan Yarn Brown yarn 3mm crochet hook Stuffing Yarn needle [to sew on parts and weave in ends.]

Step 4: Pattern


[in green] r1. MR with 6

r2. Inc in each st around

r3. sc1, inc – repeat around

r4. sc2, inc – repeat around

r5. sc3, inc- repeat around

r6. sc around

r7. inc in next 4 st, sc in 22 st, inc in last 4

r8- r12. Sc around

r13. Sc4, dec- repeat around

r14. Sc3, dec- repeat around

r15. Sc2, dec- repeat around

r16. Sc, dec- repeat around

r17. Dec around.

Fasten off, stuff- keep in mind there will be a little bulge where the 'nose' is supposed to be. I shaped it even more by using a little bit of yarn and using this technique for where the eyes would be- http://amigurumiaskina.blogspot.co.il/2013/07/ami... I did this with the mask as well.

Bandana [in blue/red/orange/purple]

chain around 25- length depends on the size of the head, just make sure it fits around with enough room to tie in the back.

R1. Sc across. Fasten off. Place on head with enough room to tie in back of head, sew ends in and attach to head with stitches.

Shell- Back [in brown]

r1. MR with 6

r2. Inc in each st around

r3. sc1, inc – repeat around

r4.-6- sc around

r7. blo, 2 hdc in each stitch around. [creates the outer rim of the shell]

fasten off, weave in end.

Shell- Front [in tan]

r1. MR with 6

r2. Inc in each st around

r3. sc1, inc – repeat around

r4. sc2, inc – repeat around

Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing. Sew back and front shell together, stuffing firmly just before closing it up completely.

Arms [make 2] [in green]

r1. MR with 6

r2-6. Sc around fasten off, stuff as needed, sew closed, sew to body.

Legs [make 2] [in green]

r1. MR with 6

r2. inc in each st around

r3. BLO- Sc around

r4. sc around

r5. sc1, dec- repeat around.

R6-8. Sc around.

Fasten off- stuff firmly, sew closed. Sew to body.

Belt [in brown] chain 15-20- enough to wrap around body and tie in front

I pulled my belt through the spaces in the shell rim and then sewed in the ends to keep it in place.

I hope this works out for everyone and I look forward to making more! I'd love to see pictures if anyone makes one!

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    4 years ago

    The moment you realize...
    There was a Fallout 3 reference in TMNT.