Tiny Toolbox

Introduction: Tiny Toolbox

Final measurements are 6.5" long/3" tall/2" wide

1/4" Walnut dowel - 7.0" long
1/8" Walnut - 6.5" long/2" wide
1/4" Padouk - 6.5" long/1 3/4" wide (2 pieces)
1/4" Padouk - 2" long/3" wide (2 pieces)
Wood glue

Paint brush
1/8" Chisel
Right angle ruler

This was created as an accessory to a different Instructable, but I thought it made sense to break them into separate projects.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It also reminds me of your 'grandfathers' toolbox instructible that you made, only much much smaller !!

    Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah. I think that's what I just said but ok.

    To go with those chocolate nuts and bolts, you could make this out of cardstock (white glue and pretty card stock instead of all the other stuff). I'm sure there's a template online for this, but it wouldn't be hard to make one. Line with tissue paper (maybe waxed paper first, to protect that tool box from the chocolate), add a ribbon, and it's a great gift. Not a bad gift without the candy, though.