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This is a jewelry box I make of reclaimed wood and aluminum.  This one is crafted with salvaged pine door jambs over 100 years old and the aluminum is from a junk yard.  I distress the aluminum and hand-rivet the legs before stain is added for patina.   It is just over 5" tall with a footprint of 6.5" x 8.5" and is lined with leather.  It has at least 25 parts which could be shaped or cut with a Shopbot and the product would be greatly improved with accuracy and efficiency.  

Currently the process requires labor intensive cuts with a scroll saw, tablesaw, bandsaw, edge sander and various handtools.  I've been a woodworker for over 20 years and have researched a variety of options to create this box in larger numbers.  The ShopBot would be a great asset in my efforts for this and other products I create. 

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    I think it would make a bigger impression on the receiver of this gift if they knew that it was hand-made. Good job.

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    good point javajunkie .. I use several templates and jigs to replicate parts for this and other products I make. The ShopBot would essentially replace those making the process more efficient and much safer. Thanks for the compliment!