Tip Resistant Holder (Red 2.1)

Introduction: Tip Resistant Holder (Red 2.1)

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The Tip Resistant Holder (Red 2.1) can help keep your tools or cups upright. When working in the garden or just sitting around the TRH can be very handy. It's perfect for cups and pop cans, as well as small garden tools. I use it both inside and outside to keep my drinks from spilling as they often get accidentally knocked over. The holder is designed to resist the impulses that try to knock it over. Can be used to hold graden tools and is often found to be handy as a portable cup holder when using a riding lawn mower. 

How it works:
TRH relies on two concepts that keep it upright at all times.  
Concept 1: (Center of Gravity)
Any object will tip over when its center of gravity is outside the tipping edge point. Sports cars are lower to the ground and have a center of gravity low to the ground to keep it on the road. By creating a pyramid base structure the center of gravity has to be at a greater angle before crossing over the point of no return. The pyramid base also lowers the center of gravity by having more mass lower to the ground. 

Concept 2: (Magnetism)
This concept only works with ferromagnetic materials. Having a strong magnet at the base of the holder will allow the holder to attract to metal surfaces. I have a riding lawn mower that I use the holder for to keep my water bottle always nearby. It's a convient device to have by. Not only does it attach to metal surfaces but it just resists falling over.

To Build
- 1 RED 16oz plastic cup
- 10 flat washers, or any objects used as weight
- 1 Strong small magnet

- permanent marker
- knife
- ruler
- clear tape

Step 1:
Measure 2 1/4 in. from the bottom of the cup to top. It should around half way but not exactly half way. 
Step 2:
Cut the cup at the 2 1/4 in line. 
Step 3:
Tape the fender washers in a row onto the inner rim of the top half cup
Step 4:
Tape a strong magnet to the bottom of the bottom half cup
Step 5:
Place "bottom half cup" inside the "top half cup" where the bottom is facing the top rim, as pictured
Step 6:
Tape both cups together at the rim, have tape along the entire rim.
Step 7:
Place object inside the now finished Tip Resistant Holder (Red 2.1)
- If the magnet is strong enough the holder can be held to a metal surface at a high angle
- The more weight is attached to the bottom of the holder the lower the center of gravity and the higher an angle can be achieved before tipping occurs

The holder is tip resistant and if tipped to far it will still fall over. 

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