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In this session, I am going to show you how to make a tip top paper game. Anyone who is interested in learning how to make this game is welcome here. Mostly everyone has played this game in their childhood. There are no set rules to this game. Different people come up with their own rules and ways of playing it. I assume my audience knows how to play this game. So, I will not be explaining the rules, rather just how to build one.

Materials required: A medium-sized, square piece of paper; pencil. See Fig. (c).

Step 1: Getting Started

Take out a square, medium-sized paper. I am going to use a plain white sheet of paper. You can use printed/colored paper if you prefer. I would recommend to start with a larger piece of paper.

If your paper is rectangle in shape, then cut it into a square.

See Fig. 1(a).

Step 2: Forming a Triangle.

Fold the top two corners of the paper together in the center to form a triangle. The corners should touch each other in the center of the square. See Fig. 2(a).

Step 3: Finishing the Smaller Square

Repeat step 2 with the other two corners left unfolded. After you are done folding, make sure your corners don't overlap.

You should end up forming a smaller square with all corners of the paper aligning at the center of the square.

If all of your corners do not align perfectly at the center (as you see in the picture, mine don't), it's okay. It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned.

See Fig. 3(a).

Step 4: Flipping the Smaller Square

Flip the square (formed in the previous step) upside down by placing the flat surface of the paper on the top.The side with the leaves should face down. See Fig. 4(a).

Step 5: Constructing the Second Smaller Square.

Repeat step 2 again on the flat side of the square (formed previously). Bring two corners of the square together at the center to form a triangle. See Fig. 5(a).

Now, repeat step 3. Bring the left two corners of the square paper together.

You should have all the corners of the square aligned at the center of the square. Again, if all of your corners do not align perfectly at the center, its not going to affect the overall shape that much. Make sure the corners of the paper do not overlap. You should end up having an even smaller square. See Fig. 5(b).

Step 6: Folding the Square

Fold the smaller square in half with the leaves side of the square facing up,. You should end up having a rectangle like figure with two leaves on each side of the rectangle. See Fig. 6(a).

Unfold the rectangle and then fold it in half again perpendicular to the previous fold. The folds should form a cross at the center. See Fig. 6(b). We are doing this to ease the movement of the final tip-top.

Step 7: Final Step

Put your fingers underneath the outside leaves of the folded square. See Fig. 7(a). Move your fingers in vertical and horizontal directions. The top view when stretched horizontally and vertically should look like Fig. 7(b) and Fig. 7(c).

You are done making your tip top! See Fig. 7(d).

You can decorate your tip top any way you want.



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