Tipping Etiquette: How to Tip When You Get Free Drinks

Introduction: Tipping Etiquette: How to Tip When You Get Free Drinks

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http://www.bars-and-bartending.com/tipping-etiquette.html Bar etiquette and tipping etiquette are important and they aren't something that they teach you in school. How much to tip when you get free drinks is sometimes tough to figure out - they were free after all so some people think that maybe they don't have to tip....wrong!

Learn how to tip properly by following these tipping etiquette tips and you won't be that person waiting for your drink forever the next time you're at the club. When the bartender likes you, the night just goes soooo much better - for both of you.

If you're new to the bar scene or don't go out clubbing too much, you might want to check out the extensive tipping etiquette list by clicking the link above.


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