Tippmann Cronus Modification




Things you are going to need:
1. Tippmann cronus
2. Rap4 22 inch sniper barrel
3. Rap4 16 inch machine gun shroud

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Step 1: Add Barrel

The rap4 22 in barrel is super accurate. any barrel for the tippmann A5 fits the tippmann Cronus they have the same threading

Step 2: Add Shroud

The rap4 16 inch shroud is made of steel and has some good weight to it. I also added a few extras but I'm still waiting for the butt stock and a couple of parts in the mail to complete this tippmann cronus sniper paintball gun

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    2 years ago

    The part about the A-5 barrels fitting the Tippmann cronus is not true I read this and bought a 14" empire apex barell for a Tippman A-5 and it does not fit the Tippman cronus.