Tips for Finding a Junk Yard Weapon

Introduction: Tips for Finding a Junk Yard Weapon

Here are some tips on how to fined a weapon

Step 1: Weapon Types

I class my weapons into three categories
And sharp

(The knife is a example of a sharp weapon)

Step 2: Finding a Blunt Weapon

For a blunt weapon you want something round like a pipe or has a big surface like a hammer

Step 3: Finding a Penetrating Weapon

Penetrating weapons can be sharp or not.
All that need is to have a spike like these close combat ones

Step 4: Finding a Sharp Weapon

Sharp weapons are sometimes hard to fined depending were you look. All I have to say is try to look for a knife and use it


These weapons can harm someone. Use responsibility and do not use on people or animals unless you have to. I am not liable for if someone gets harmed.

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