Tips for Knex Demolition Derby Cars

Introduction: Tips for Knex Demolition Derby Cars

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Some basic tips to make your knex demolition derby cars better. The car in the picture above looked really nice but had some flaws

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Step 1: Tip 1

The more pieces you have on your car will result in a car that may break easily if not constructed very well. My demolition truck has a very solid front where no pieces will snap easily. Notice in the picture that every rod that is attached to a connector is going back (all except the top I'll fix that later)

Step 2: Tip 2

Make sure all the rods bend easily and don't spin with out force in the connectors. This will cause them to easily get knocked out if the connector. I would recommend using grey rods for parts that need to bend a little

Step 3: Tip 3

Start by making the frame of your cars body and then working around to add connectors and rods to make it sturdy.

Step 4: Tip 4

HAVE EVERY ROD ATTACHED. If you have rods that are not attached they will make your car weaker.

Step 5: Explanation for Tip 1

Make sure to have most of the pieces facing back away from the front because the force of impact will go through every rod and can break the back wheels off if not built properly try to keep the wheels away from the body by using the blue rings to stop the force from reaching the wheel

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