Tips to Running Long an Fast With Getting Tired So Quickly

Does this ever happen When you are running and you get tired fast well these tips are going to help you be able to run faster and longer.Remember to like vote and follow me

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Step 1: Hydration

Being hydrated is not only important to running but important to living a healthy try to cut down on soda or other sugary beverages.And try to drink at least 3 cups of water every 5 hours.And don't drink a lot of water at the same time because the water would not be able to be stored in the stomach and the water would go to other part of your body and you might get brain injuries.

Step 2: Don't Huff and Puff

When I say don't huff and puff I mean by don't breath while your running like exhaling and and letting air out rapidly.So try to control it by calming yourself down and controlling by taking a breathe 2 seconds later let it out and keep repeating.And when people bend down with theirs hands on those legs that doesn't relief eat and stress from running but I you put your hands on your head and calm down.

Step 3: The Urge to Keep Going

When your running and you have to stop or your just tired don't stop keep going just push or think of a inspiration.Or think of a story while your running you can even pretend zombies are behind you and your running for your life.what ever you do don't stop.

Step 4: Practice

Remember practice will get you better so If you keep running a lot every day then good because that's practice but try to run as fast as you can at some pointsin your run.And make a plan or calendar and don't skip days.

Step 5: Ending

Thank you so much for reading all this threw.Please follow like and vote this instructable bye.

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    5 years ago

    Drinking 8 liters of water (impossible , but a theory) is instant death . I do not recommend anyone to prove it by trying :D


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Arman5592, Personally I don't think he's doing that.

    Zergzerg11, Good tips! And about drink water, that's is surely something to keep in mind. Some people think that drinking a lot of water will keep them healthy and sometimes they exaggerate it, drinking even more than 4 liters a day, when it's not really necessary, ending in hyponatremia (low sodium levels, due to dissolution of blood). And if you are going to run, this is the worst case scenario, so drink water with some electrolytes added (But please, not the commercial ones, there's a lot of good recipes on the web or just ask to your doctor)