Tips & Tricks - Back 2 School Edition

Introduction: Tips & Tricks - Back 2 School Edition

About: I make a lot of things and add my own twists to everyday objects. I would rather make something on my own than buy it. ofton times I save money that way!

here are 15 of the best tips and tricks that I could think of...

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Step 1: Eat a Good Breakfast.

Eat a good breakfast and your brain will be good and active all day long

You could eat a bowl of cereal, bacon, eggs, toast, doughnuts, pop tarts, toaster strudals, whatever floats you boat. Drink a good cup of coffee, orange juice, whatever, but DO NOT WHATEVER YOU DO DRINK A ENERGY DRINK! those thigs are PURE EVIL!

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Do your homework no matter how tedius. 1 zero is not ok even if you make 100s all the time

[ 0 + 100 + 100 ] / 3 = 66%   a "F"!

Step 3: Extra Credit If Fun. Kinda...

I found this formula online to make 2+2=5. I'll show it to mr./mrs. ____________  to get extra credit!

Step 4: Annoying Notebook Tear Out Tab-like Thingies

I hate these. SO here is how to get rid of them.

you need:
~Annoying notebook tear out tab-like thingies (to clean up)

get tape and with stickie side down dab the annoying notebook tear out tab-like thingies and the will stick! pick them up and dispose of.

Step 5: Lunch Money

Don't for get it. you can hide it in you sock to avoid the classic bullie "gimmie your lunch money" scene.
mine is about 2 1/2 Euros

Step 6: Binders

Use binders. Need I say more? Put you name and teacher and grade on it. (I turned my name sheets backwards for privacy issues...)

Step 7: Pencil Pouches.

Cary a pencil pouch with pencils, pens, colered pencils, hi-lighters, and scissors with you.

Step 8: Hi-light in Your Book(s)

As you read, hi-light the important parts. this way if you need to study, you can look for the "nuggets" of info.

Step 9: Charge Your Phone Up

Charge you phone.

Step 10: Color Code

Color code. For me this seems to work...


Step 11: Bring Water

I bring to school to drink in class.

Step 12: Bring a Snack

Bring a snack to munch on between classes

I like rasins

Step 13: Bring Something to Entertain You in Recess

Bring something to entertain you in recess. Bouncy balls are good.

Step 14: Make Your Binder Floppy

Make your binder floppy to save space in your locker.

Remove the cardoard board from the sides and the back by cutting the top of the binder. ( see pictures )

Step 15: Bring Reading Materials

If you get done with your work in class and you have free time, you can read it.



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    Dont make your binder floppy, It messes it up.

    It's a good book but when you are forced to read it in school even the best book sucks.

    Hey if you are having trouble with your algebra or math homework just go to and put in your problem...... BINGO there, your problem is solved.

    We have doors with top halves out of glass, so you get killed if you bring any spherical object to school

    2 replies

    yes but the world pound was used in context I.E he had euro so i said that pounds was better then was nother to make people think it was a punch or a dog jail and the pound (currency) is stronger then practically all currencys.