Tips and Tricks: Diode, Concept.

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Hey guys, Today we would like to explain a diode to you. A diode is a component in which emits asymmetrical electrical power. One way it blocks power, depending on the amount of feedback power the diode is rated for, the diode can emit a little bit of power backwards, but that is not ideal. Some applications require Zero feedback voltage. There are many different kinds of diodes, like: Light Emitting Diodes, or semiconductor that don't light up, or high power vacuum diodes. Diodes are very important to many applications that you use today, and also protect circuits in some cases. They also have an anode and cathode making them have polarity.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, I know there is the 'be nice' philosophy, but...

    What you give us here is neither a tip nor a trick nor does it explain the concept of a diode (whatever that is).

    And no, a diode does not 'emit' electrical power (despite photo diodes, that generate electrical power from light). an what is asymmetrical electrical power?

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