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In this Instructable I will go over 5 things that a birder needs to make his or her yard a bird haven. These things are: housing, feeders, habitat, water, and food.

Step 1: Habitat

Habitat is in my opinion the biggest factor for atracting birds. The reason i think this is because many people try and fail to attract birds to their house. When i see where their feeders and houses are i know why right away. Sometimes their feeders are right in the middle of a huge green field, making it hard for the birds to make it to the feeder without getting eaten by a hawk. It is very important to put your feeder where you have seen birds before. One of the best places to put a feeder is near brush, because it provides protection for the birds while they are feeding.

Step 2: Feeders

The type of feeder that you need depends on a couple of factors. One of the factors is the size of the birds that you will be feeding. You don't want a small feed hole if you want to attract big birds.
Another factor is the type of feeder. Some places require special feeders, because of squirels that are a nuisance and scare all the birds away, but on the other hand, some places might not have squirels, so they can just use a regular feeder.
Finally, we have location. just like the house feeders should be near low hangin limbs where birds can wait for turns on the feeder. Fedder can either be hung on a ground feed, or on a low branch.

Step 3: Food

Bird feed is a very key part of birding. Without it, the birds have no reason to come to the feeder.
The different types of food depend mostly on 3 things. The first factor is the region. Some regions need different types of food, because the birds in one region might have a different liking then a different bird of the same species in a different region.
Another factor is the size of the bird. For example since Cardinals have bigger and stronger beaks allowing them to crush bigger seeds like sunflower seeds, where as a Chickadee, which has a smaller beak, might have to eat smaller food.
The final factor of different types of food are the species of birds you are trying to attract. Just like the regions some species of birds like different feeds than other birds. One good way to see what birds a feed will attract is to look at the types of birds that the package says it will attract.

Step 4: Housing

Housing is a key part of a birders yard, because with out it, birds might decide to move to other places, or just won't want to come to your yard. Also, it is a lot of fun to sit and watch a bird move in and out of a bird house with pieces of grass and things of that sort as it builds a nest.
The size of the bird house is a huge factor, because smaller birds like to live in smaller and more cozy houses, while bigger birds need a bigger house, so that they can move around. Having the wrong size house is kind of like not haveing a bird house at all.
Location of a house is another huge factor. This is because birds like a place near a lot of shrubs or a garden that they can use as a place to eat. Also, some birds might like it as a place of protection from larger birds.

Step 5: Water

Water is more key in some regions of the world then others. For example places that get a lot of rain might not need a source of water in their yards to attract birds, even though it is not a bad idea to add water to a yard, so that birds can bathe in it.
When having water in a yard it is very key that you check the water every once in a while for mosquito larva. If you do spot any Mosquito larva in your bird bath, just simply dump the water and refill the bath.

I hope you have like my Instructable! Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a pleasure birding.



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    11 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 5

    Thanks for sharing your information


    9 years ago on Step 5

    Yes, very interesting! Our backyard, which backs up to a very tree-y greenbelt, has a few birds, but also has squirrels and (our) cats. Any suggestions about best non-squirrel bird feeders so we can cultivate MORE birds?

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Step 5

    This was fantastic ... and not just the indestructible, but also the pictures you have put up.. Thank you :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have tried to use feeders near the ground/bushes etc. but ended up with more birds being eaten by cats waiting in ambush. I needed to move them out a bit to get the balance right between cover and open space.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Gahh!!! i was working on my own instructable just kile this. looks like you beat be to it though. Very well Done!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable. I'm looking into using some of these ideas this weekend.