Tips on Organizing a Stag Night




It’s the best man’s responsibility to organize a stag party

for the groom-to-be, and to make it epic. By epic I mean something the friend won’t forget in the years to come by. The stag night is planned well in advance and takes place prior to the wedding.

Many men see stag night as a way to go crazy last time. Drink all night; visit a nightclub or a bar, dance or maybe more. But not all men are the same. Most men choose to go relaxed, leisure, enjoy sports activity, go hiking, go boating and the list of activities is endless. As a best man, discuss with your friend, what he wants to do. Since, it’s his party; he should be the one enjoying it.

One way to ensure that the stag night becomes the night to remember is to organize in a lively city like Edinburgh, London, Scotland, Glasgow, Liverpool etc. Stag parties in Scotland are famous for its Scotch whisky and has the best pubs, clubs and bars in the UK.

Here are few tips for making the party fun and less stressful at the very end:

Tip 1:

Make a guest list in advance, well before the wedding. In most cases, the groom-to-be gives the best man the guest list but you need to pick on the number of guys will be attending the party. This is important in case you’re booking a pub or package for activities.

Tip 2:

Secondly, keep the number of guests between 8 to12. It’s the number in which it’s easier to find accommodation as well as fun to enjoy the activities and the party.

Tip 3:

Third most important thing is the day and the date. Once decided, stick to the date even if one or two friends cancel at the last moment, if you decide to stay in hotel or a castle.

Tip 4:

Last and probably the most important thing is the ‘budget’. Firstly, decide with the groom-to-be, what is the budget for the party. Is everyone contributing or he himself will take care of all the expense. Once you have this information, you can go ahead and plan the party. It’s the hardest part: managing and establishing. You never know when things could go wrong, you must be prepared. And don’t forget the miscellaneous expense that could occur like: cab, meals on the way, flights etc.



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    3 years ago

    My friends organized a stag party last week in Scotland. Our party was awesome because that was well planned by my best friend Jack. After read you blog i thought we missed some things in party but your tips will help us to enjoy good moments in future when we will organize stag party again. Thanks!!