Tiramiserable (Extremely Comforting Tiramisu)




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Wether your boyfriend just broke up with you, or you just lost at the Olympics, sometimes you just need comfort food. Comfort food in my book means loads of ice cream, chocolate, cookies and liquor. Combine these three and you have the most effective comfort food ever. It's a huuuuge ice cream tiramisu. I call it Tiramiserable! My boyfriend didn't break up with me, so he helped me make this.

Step 1: What You Need

When you're sad and blue, you really don't want to put much effort into the stuff you stuff your face with. So, this is easy!

1 liter Caramel ice cream  (I used one that also had banana flavour)
1 pack Lady fingers
150 ml Baileys
3 cups of Chocolate mousse
1,5 tsp Cocoa powder
1 tablet Dark chocolate

You also need a bowl or dish and a hammer.

Step 2: Making It

I said it was easy, so please stop sobbing for a moment and pay attention! Get out the hamer and put the chocolate on a wooden board. Leave it in the package. Now smash it! SMASH SMASH! Get all of that agression out! Smash it to bits! Now cover the bottom of the dish with chocolate mousse. Stick the lady fingers in there. Don't be afraid to snap them. They might just be the lady fingers that touched your boyfriend! Now drown those nasty fingers in Baileys. Cover it all with the ice cream. Sprinkle the cocoa and chocolate on top. Here's a video if you're too sad to figure out how to do it:

Step 3: Now Eat It

You have to be quick, because it's melting! Put on a sad movie, grab a spoon and eat the whole thing. I bet you will feel much better after this! Or nauseous, I forgot which one it was. Either way, it is sooooo good! You will never need a boyfriend again.



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    5 years ago

    I need a way to post my depressed selfie while I eat mine later.


    5 years ago

    You are sooooo CUUUUUTE!!! This sounds delightful, and I think my hips just gained 3 pounds reading the instructions! Next time my hubby makes me mad, I'll make this and eat it in front of him and deny him even a taste! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1 reply
    Jane Oreo

    5 years ago

    look so yummy