Tire Chair





Introduction: Tire Chair

This is a step-by-step process on how to make a tire chair. There's only a few simple steps that will create a fun, spunky, and unique chair that will catch peoples eyes. You can use this chair in your yard, your bedroom, or even to watch a sports game!

To make this chair of joy just like me you should use:

A tire of any size


Spray Paint

A drill

Drill bit thick enough for your rope

Step 1: Drilling Holes

Drilling your holes! In order to complete this project you're going to have to drill hole. For the yellow tire we put 16 holes, but that all depends on the size of the tire. These holes should be parallel with each other and straight so when you begin to weave it is straight and comes out looking fabulous.

Step 2: Painting

Now we have moved on to painting your tire. I have found that using bright colors works and looks best. Nobody will see the bottom of your tire so if you do not want to flip it over to paint it, then you do not have to! The paint is also not necessary, it's only to make it look nice! We used spray paint to paint this, we had to do about three coats, the darker you want the paint on, the more paint you should use.

Step 3: Weaving

As seen in the video weaving is what takes the longest.Make sure before you start you have enough rope to complete the weave. The tighter you want the weave the harder youre going to have to pull the rope. At the end of weaving you can always go back to pull it tighter, as seen in the video.

Step 4: Finished!

After you have complete the weaving process you are finished with your tire chair! You can stack your chairs to make the taller or use them individually. Bring it anywhere and enjoy!

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12 Discussions

So awesome and so comfortable. Painted it to match the car it came from!

15, 12:40 PM.jpg

1 year ago

I still haven't got round to making this, can't wait to start!


2 years ago

about how much paint per tire did you use. I know tire size will have an effect.

1 reply

for mine I don't even think I used half a can

can i eat apple's and pears while sitting down in this tire watching my kids play in the front yard

This is pretty cool. Definately different and eye catching. A little heavy to just lug around though.

If you drilled holes in the bottom ring too, it wouldn't collect rainwater and make a mosquito nursery if left outside.

2 replies

We actually did drill holes in the bottom just for that issue! We didn't add it into out instructions but they are there.

I'm guessing you can just roll it around. no need to lug. great tip on preventing water from accumulating. cheers

Nice idea. You could also cut some and stack for a back if you had enough tires or were using larger tires.

I know someone who has random old tires hanging around...I might show them this idea for some rugged outdoor seating!