Tire Table and Ottomans for a Playroom!




Actually Shazni's 'tire to ottoman and table' introduced me to the world of instructables! I loved the way how the old tyres turned out... ! I wanted to make something similar but finding a suitable place was an issue. Finally decided on the playroom even though I loved Shazni's table, have to go for child friendly version! That is safe, easy to clean, rough usable and small in size :) !

Made the Ottoman by the tires of three wheeler (three wheelers are one of the major economic transport in our part of world!!)-small tires! Used, car tires for the table. No lid but slightly bigger a plywood table top ( keeping in mind my daughter's endless tea parties!!). I made four Ottoman and a coffee table.

Before a year ago I made these stage by stage due to the time factor, only to be ready on time for the new house - last December! I did not take step by step pictures as I was not planning to share, but trying to get some pictures now.

Step 1:

Needed materials:

2 old car tires (for table)

8 old three wheeler tires (for four ottoman)

*washed thoroughly.

ply wood (1/2 " thick)

fabric and artificial leather.



nut and bolts + screw

glue + elastic

And basic tools.

Step 2:

Making of an ottoman:

Used three wheeler tires, stacked 2 to get a proper height for the kids. Stacked the tires... from where the two tires are touching marked two points in both the tires and drilled them. After that with bolt and nut joined both the tires...to be in safer side after tightening, glued the nuts!(between the stacked tires, horizontally there will be a small canal, to fill that I used cloth strips n paper tape-optional). After securing both the tires safely, drilled 2 holes on top of the stacked tires and 4 holes on the bottom. The holes should be closer to the inner circle edge of the tire. The lid and the bottom were cut out of the 1/2" plywood. The diameter of the wooden pieces should be slightly bigger than the inner ring's diameter( the lid and the bottom should be able to cover the drilled holes on the tire!!) . To drill the wooden circles, convenient way is to keep the wooden circles under the tires, keeping in the correct position and marking through the tire holes on wooden pieces and drill them. 2 holes on the lid and 4 holes on the bottom.

Step 3:

Cushioning the lids: In the lid, on both the holes bolt and nuts should be attached, on top of the wood and under the wood, should glue them tightly. It should be able dropped in to the tire holes and for the tires being small I used 2" bolts so without extra nut under the tire it will be strong! As we are going to cushion the lid we do not need to mind the bolts showing on top of the wooden surface! Cut the 2" thick sponge sheet with the same diameter as the lid. On top of the lid apply glue freely and paste the sponge on that.

To cover the sponge, take a cotton material cut a circle bigger than the lid. Spread the material on the floor keeping the lid on that upside down sponge facing the material. pull the cotton cloth towards the back of the lid and staple it (to make a firm cushion pull from all sides tightly). The same way use the artificial leather and staple it. Unlike mine, thin leather would be easier to handle but I did not have a choice because of the color which I could not find in thin materials! Leave a slit to the bolts. Now our cushioned ottoman lid is ready.

Step 4:

As for the bottom, we should glue the bolts same way as for the lid but the nuts should be secured inside the tire holes tightly. So it would not remove or shake when the ottoman moved. For safety reasons, I did not use wheels for the bottom( I was justified when my youngest started a game of jumping from one ottoman to the other...! :) ! ). So pasted a thick old piece of blanket with the same diameter as the bottom wooden circle to save the floor and for easier mobility. Carpet material would be ideal (at that time I could not get hold of any!).

For the covering , I got a rough fabric so it would be durable even after many washes...which are unavoidable in a playroom! Measuring around the tire and additionally taking 1/2" from the both ends for stitching allowance. Join both ends and leaving 1/2" and stich it. For the width take from top tire inner circle to bottom tire inner circle. sew a hem on both sides to put an elastic or rope to tighten. Make small holes in the fabric to let the bolts go through.

Step 5:

Making of the table: Used two old car tires to make the table. For fixing and drilling mostly same procedure as for the ottoman . For the top I used plywood of 28" diameter circle to serve the purpose of a table...! For this we do need the tire holes to be on top (not near the inner circle edge) where the wooden top is touching the tire more. After adjusting and balancing we drill the top. As we are not cushioning the top, we would make slightly bigger top of the hole, just to sink the head of the bolts and glue them. Both sides of the bolt should be glued properly without the bolts coming up n spoiling the top.. Sanding the top will give a smooth surface. Earlier I just put a sticker sheet in which crayon/pencil writings can be erased easily and put a fabric belt for the rim of the table top. But now I used the same artificial leather which I used for ottomans, convinced it too will tolerate the same treatment! you have to staple the artificial leather same as for ottoman.

As for the bottom 4 wheels were attached. Using the bolt in an order as, first one screw hole from the wheel next the plank hole then the tire hole and the nut doing the job. The wheels were secured with the on the wooden plank with screws! This table and ottomans are ideal storage for repair needed toys!! Thank you.



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    4 years ago

    Brilliant.great way to help waste less.


    4 years ago

    Thank you very much for the lovely comments everybody....sorry I couldn't reply individually because of some error!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Well done! looks wonderful and mighty comfortable :-)


    4 years ago

    Very nicely done. I really like the creativity and ingenuity of your usage of junk tires. As a "GearHead" myself, I am always looking for anything else to do with old parts so that I can reduce My own "Carbon Footprint" & so I Thank You for This Wonderful Instructable.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! Way to put some waste materials to great use. Thanks for sharing this!