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Introduction: Tissue Lifter

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Ever feel annoying in the situation like this? When your tissue stock in the box is very low, the next tissue will not come up and your fingers just can't reach it inside the box. Well, let's make a simple tweak. I called it "Tissue Lifter".

Step 1: Measurement

First, measure your tissue box, the length, the width, and the height. My little box is 10 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm.

Now find a hard cardboard. You need two pieces of hard cardboard at the size of the length and width of your tissue box. Well, slightly smaller so that they fit in the box. Here I use my Xiaomi Mi Band box. I think it is a very thin plywood wrapped with paper. It is a good box indeed, but somehow I think I will no longer need it laying on my desk.

Step 2: Light Tension Springs

Well, this part is really hard to find when you need it, but you can try your local hardware stores. I get this from dismantling my X-Mini speakers at earlier time. The height is just perfect, 8 cm just like my tissue box. You can use a slightly lower spring, one or two centimeters lower than the box's height will do good in this project. Remember not to use high tension springs.

I use two springs for my mini tissue box. If you have a bigger box, then you might need three or four springs to balance the top cardboard, where the tissues sit.

Step 3: Hot Glue

I stick the springs diagonally at the corners with hot glue. Placed your springs so that the top cardboard is well balanced either with load or not. Wait for few minutes to get the glue dry, then flipped it and stick to the other cardboard.

Step 4: Well Done!

This is the tissue lifter. Just put it into the tissue box and put the tissues on it. As I said before, use light tension springs, so when the tissue stock is full the box is still well closed. The springs are pressed to almost flat.

Step 5: No More Tissue Jam

Now we have no worries for low stock in tissue box. But you still need to prepare buying the refill pack in the market ;)



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    8 Discussions

    Nice! I honestly had a similar idea for this exact problem. Great solution.

    1 reply

    If u wrap all tissues together then it will automatically come up because if friction I am a srk fan

    1 reply

    They are all wrapped with plastic container from new, and they are connected with the previous and next sheet by half in zig zag fold. But once the stock is low, the next sheet will fall down before it reach the top hole. That is the problem that need this hack :D

    it is a Mi smart wrist band. The band is always on my wrist and the charger is in my bag. There is no way I sell this $10 band along with its box :D