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Introduction: Tissue Paper Beads – Cheap & Chic!

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Paper and Glue is the classic couple of the crafts world.

We have a small crafter's group in my apartment. This Saturday we had the group’s 3 months anniversary celebration. Since we completed a quarter we decided to celebrate with a mini party. I understand that’s silly of us but we just needed a reason. :) And for gifts, since we are a crafter’s group, it was mandatory to give at least one handmade item.

In my childhood days we used to create balls with paper and glue for various games. I had also been working on creating Paper-Mache items offlate. So I thought of using this technique in crafting some gifts for my group. After a lot of listing and rejection of ideas, I settled down on creating tissue paper beads bracelet for each of them. Luckily I had some metal bead spacers in stock.

So lets move ahead and see the process.

It is extremely easy to craft and the end result is classy. You can use the beads to create any jewellery or charms or use on scrapbook cover.

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Step 1: Materials Used

Tissue Paper (Soft variety)




Acrylic Paint (Preferably Metallic colours)

Paint Brush

Nail and Hammer

Sun :) :P

Step 2: Shaping the Tissue

Cut out a piece of tissue paper and place it on your palm as shown in the image.

Then add little glue onto the center of the tissue and crumble it.

After that add few drops of water (glue : water = 2:1) to the tissue mass.

Slowly shape the tissue mass into an approximate round shape.

It might get messy but don’t worry. If you feel that the tissue is sticking to your palm add few more drops of water.

Step 3: Create Bead Hole

For the central hole of the beads, you have two options – before or after beads dry.

For before drying process, you need to pierce through the center of the tissue mass with a nail before placing it under the sun.

After drying process – explained later. I had followed the after drying process.

Step 4: Drying the Beads

Place the wet beads under the sun to dry completely. It might take one full day if it is properly sunny. So wait till the beads dry thoroughly inside out.

If you have not created the bead hole before drying, you can very well create after the beads have dried completely.

I drilled the bead hole after drying the beads. You need to use a nail and hammer to strike through the bead center and drill out a hole.

Please be careful while using these tools because the beads become hard after drying and tend to slip when you strike the hammer.

Step 5: Paint and String the Beads

Then use the acrylic colours to paint the beads properly and allow them to dry.

You can either use basic acrylic colours and then coat with some clear nail polish for shine or directly use metallic acrylic colours.

Once that is done you can use your beads to create any jewellery you desire. I created a bracelet by stringing the tissue paper beads along with some metal bead spacers.

And look, isn’t it beautiful !

That’s how you go about – Cheap and Chic ! :)

Keep crafting safely ! :)

I gifted the bracelet in a handmade gift box. My gift was a success at our party.

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