Tissue Paper Mason Jar!




Introduction: Tissue Paper Mason Jar!

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Hey guys! This time I am going to show you how to make the tissue paper mason jar. The cool thing about this is really easy to make, it looks so cool, and you could also put a candle in the jar and the light from the inside makes the jar looks so cool!

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Step 1: Things You'll Need:

1) Tissue Paper (any color you want)

2) Mason Jar (any size)

3) Mod Podge

4) Brush

5) Some place you could dum the Mod Podge in

6) Scissors (as you can see I forgot to put it in my picture)

Step 2: To Start...

First you are going to cut all your tissue paper in triangles (what I would do is king of stack them all up then cut all of them togather). And then dump some mod podge in on a place you could dump it in. Then take your brush and put some mod podge in the mason jar and stick the tissue paper on it. And repeat the same thing.

Step 3: You Are Finished!

When you cover all the spots of the mason jar, dry it out for 1 day. And then you are finished! :)

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    Looks Awesome