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Introduction: Crochet Tissue Pouch

Crochet and knitting is some thing that I have been always wanting to learn.I found so many nice Ibles explaining for the biginners.I kept on viewing and watching the videos over and over again and tried  out for months,made so many mistakes and was so frustrating at the biginning and finally learnt the basic.But still I make mistakes.......  :(
I did not  even have the basic knowledge to crochet or knit,when I started to learn from ible.
I came up with an  idea to crochet a  simple Single crochet Tissue Pouch as  it is  the time for tissues in every ones pockets in this winter season,so this instructables  will be a very usefull for all those who knit and Crochet.
I have used only single crochet for the whole Pouch and  this is my first Crochet ,so please be nice with your comments.
The size of this Pouch is 5 x 3 Inches.

** The third image is a sample to show the mistakes I repeated over and over again.This does not count in to this single crochet Pouch.**

Step 1: Supplies

Yarn in contrast colors
Crochet needle 3.5 (to match the yarn)
Darning needle
Sewing Needle
Matching thread
Cork bord
Water spray
2 flat pins

Step 2: Casting

I learnt the single crochet from this instructable.Very clearly described and was very easy to follow.I did about 21 chain stitches to the length of the Tissue Packet.Then one more turning chain.

Step 3:

Bigin with a length of chain .Insert the hook in the second chain from the hook, wrap the yarn around the hook and pull the new loop through the chain only.Now there are two loops on the hook.. Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull a loop through both loops on the hook.
one loop remains on the hook,Repeat this step until end of the row.

Step 4: Pin It.

 You  have to continue to go back and forth, until the desired width you need for the pouch.The  width was exactly 6 inches to wrap a packet of tissue.See  image 3.I read in a magazine that ,to keep the crochet edges straight and flat (square/Rectanglar  pieces) to pin it on a cork bord and spray a little bit water over it,and leave it over night.I did so and found that the edges were straight and stiff.

Step 5: Add Another Color

Now I did the same single crochet on both sides lengthwise in a contrasting color pink.While doing the pink hold the two ends along and crochet over it and cut off, if it is too long .See  last image

Step 6: Fold & Pin

Once you have done single crochet on lengthwise  ,fold on both sides to get the opening in the middle and pin it in the  middle.With a darning needle insert   the end of the pink yarn to   the wrong side from the corner and pass it  in to the loops..Sorry I forgot to take a picture,but you can see it in the next step .

Step 7: Crochet Sides

Now do  single crochet  on  both sides ,at the end put a knot and take it inside to the wrong side and pass it along the loops.

Step 8:

Step 9: Hand Sew

On  the opening, on both ends do a small hand stitch to keep it firm when you pull the tissues out.

Step 10: Admire

Don't you think it's an awesome work for a first timer?

Thanks to all those who have published crochet  instructables which helped me to learn Crochet. Ahh... I am still learning.... .And watch out for my First knitting which I hope to publish soon.

Thank you very much for taking time to view my first Crochet ible,and please don't forget to caste your vote if this has touched your heart.

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    16 Discussions

    this would be a lovely gift for my nana. personal and caring. well done!

    Oh neat-o! I have been looking for little things to make for gifts. This would be such a cute idea!

    1 reply

    Thank you for viewing my first crochet project.This is very handy for my hand bag.

    As a biginner I found it a bit difficult.After months of practice I found it easy.I am sure you can also do it.Any way thank you for viewing it.

    wow..this is such a wonderful piece...and for a beginner ...great work! beautiful colour combination...and now I feel like learning crochet :)

    1 reply

    If you didn't write that you were a beginner, I would have never guessed! You did a wonderful job! Plus I love the color combination you used :)

    4 replies

    Oh! Thank you Linda.I kept on viewing your pumpkin earings so many times.Look at this image I upload to show you how many times I tried this pouch and all went wrong.

    Oh I definitely believe you, the same happened to me so many times! :) Where is the picture you wanted to show me?

    I could not upload it here.Some thing is wrong,so I uploaded in the first page .See 3rd image.

    Now I see! :) That often happens to me as well, sometimes I skip stitches at the of the row and I end up realizing that the work is not straight after making many more rows...that's really frustrating indeed!