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I've made tissue roses since I was old enough to give 'em to girls. There's another tissue rose 'ible but really thats actually a paper towel and there's a crap load of steps. I'd just like to give a simpler and faster 'ible.

A Tissue

Time: 1-2 Minutes

Cost: Free


Step 1: First Fold

Choose the color you like, white is standard but you can buy pink ones that look better. Theres a line in a tissue where its folded in half so it catches the second when you're pulling tissues out. Fold on side down to that line, that'll be the flower bulb thingy.

Step 2: Roll While Pinching

Roll while pinching then twist the bottom of the head.

Step 3: Make the Leaf and Twist

Fold up the bottom corner and twist the rest in the same direction you twisted the top of the flower

Step 4: Make 11 More and Fin

Make 11 more, tape 'em or use a rubber band or ribbon, spray them with cologne then give it to a gal.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I love it! Thanks for the instructable. God bless