Tissue Pack Secret Compartment

Introduction: Tissue Pack Secret Compartment

I will show you how to add a secret compartment to a tissue pack
To do this you will need:

PVA glue
a tissue pack
something to hide

Step 1: Cut All But Two of Your Tissues

You need to cut all but two of your tissues in half. If you want you can have a bigger but less secret compartment. You can do this by cutting it so that you have a bigger compartment and less tissue.

Step 2: Glue It Together

This step helps but it is optional. It stops all the pieces of tissue being moved and revealing your secret object.
All you have to do is glue the parts of tissue together WITH THE WHOLE TISSUES ON THE OUTSIDE so that no one sees your object

Step 3: Let It Dry

This is where you will need your patience. Leave it by the radiator and it will dry quickly. Also don't put it on the floor because otherwise you might tread on it. (like I did)
Letting it dry makes it less likely to fall apart

Step 4: Put Your Object in Between the Big Tissues

Put your object between the two full tissues.

Step 5: Put It in the Packet

Put it in the packet with the object at the bottom. As long as you're careful no one will notice anything.

Step 6: Have Fun

Please comment and favorite.
I have also done a knot tutorial

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