Wooden Wildcat

Introduction: Wooden Wildcat

How to Make a Toy Wildcat by Austin

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Step 1:

1. Gather your materials-

· Find a picture of your desired animal (needs to show whole body)

· Print out the picture at roughly 4x6 inches

· 1/8” piece of ply wood to draw template on

· 2x6” blank

· Sand paper

· Paint and paint brush

· 4 wheels

· 4 axels

· Wood glue

· Band Saw

· Drill Press

· Palm Sander

Step 2: 2. Find a Picture of Your Animal Online (shows Whole Body)

Step 3: 3. Print Out the Picture of Your Animal

Step 4: 4. Animate and Cut Out the Picture (Give It a Side Angle Perspective)

Step 5: 5. Create a Template- on a 1/8” Plywood Board or Much Sturdier Wood That Won’t Rip, Trace Your Picture and Then Cut Out on Band Saw.

Step 6: 6. Trace Template Onto a 2x6” to Make a Blank, Use the Band Saw to Cut Out the Trace of the Template.

Step 7: 7. Router Edges of Blank to Give It a Nice Curved Edge All the Way Around.

Step 8: 8. Use Drill Press to Drill Two Holes Into the Legs Where the Axels Will Go.

Step 9: 9. Sand the Blank to Give It a Smooth Surface

Step 10: 10. Paint You Toy With Your Desired Pattern Based on Your Picture.

Step 11: 11. Put Your Wheels and Axles in the Wholes With a Little Wood Glue and Complete Your Toy!

The best part of making this toy wildcat was learning to be better at using the Band Saw. If I could change one thing next time, I would have double checked the hole size for the axles.

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    3 years ago

    This is cute, I like how you did the spots. You may want to update the title to what you made. :)