To Build a Better Mousetrap...Or Just a Simple, Yet Effective, Mousetrap

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With winter comes a deluge of critters trying to find a nice place to spend the night.  This winter, our garage proved to be irresistible to a small mouse (in part due to my clutter) - and here is the instructable on how to catch a mouse.

This is a very, very, very simple instructable.  And was discovered by accident.

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Step 1: Buy Bucket and Put Seed in the Bottom.

Take a high walled bucket (tall enough so your unwelcome guest can't jump out once caught), put seed in the bottom and place it near stuff that is high off of the floor.

What happens is the hungry, little mouse (not to be pitied because his kin helped propogate the black plague) smells the vittles in the bucket.  Then it climbs up something (in my case, Christmas boxes) and leaps into the bucket (similar to the way a corpulent person flings themselves into the buffet at Ryans Steakhouse).  Once the mouse lands at the bottom of the bucket, it realizes it can't get out - you will be allerted to your prey by the fact that it will jump repeatedly trying to get out.

Step 2: Next Dispose of Mouse

Once you catch your unwelcome guest, then dispose of him.  Since I caught the mouse accidentally, I didn't know quite what to do.  I have never heard of anyone relocating a mouse like they do a black bear or something, but that is what I did - I didn't feel like killing it (never look them in the face - they bat their big eyes and make you feel sorry for them....). 

Ever since the bucket trap, we have not had any visitors since.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    We used a no kill trap from Home Depot when we had to catch a critter in our garage. Took him to the local park that had a forest behind it. Let him go there.

    The kids were all excited about getting to see him leave the trap and scurry off into the woods.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i still remember riding in my dad's pinto to release a possum that climbed in our trash can. sure beats television.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    true, true. mice make me like snakes and cats even more. when i lived in the country, i never saw a living mouse or rat because nature had a built in vermin removal system...