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Here's a quick and easy memo board to get you on track. Its virtually free to make too, if you have some left over materials.

Step 1: The Materials

You will need

-a picture frame of your choosing, fairly large to fit all the tasks you will give yourself.  I got this frame for free since it was busted up a bit

-a piece of fabric, this is piece I had left over from a textile class and I couldn't bring myself to cut it up :(

-fabric glue or straight pins (not pictured)

-artist tape, like masking but acid free and archival. Also removable.  Seriously great stuff.

-post it sticky notes or you could just use a dry erase marker if your fabric isn't too dark or patterned like mine.


Step 2: Fabric Stretch

Take your frame apart and stretch your fabric over the backing.

Step 3: Put It Back Together

Put the glass back on your frame.

Step 4: Tidy Up

Either pin or glue down the excess fabric (or just cut it away) and you're ready to start giving yourself tasks.

Step 5: Make a List!

Now give yourself some categories, organize your ideas, and get to work!
I like using post its because I can crumple them up when I finish something, also I can reorder their priority if needed.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with Jessie! Very nice, and simple. I'm thinking of creating a family Kanban board, and I might mod this design slightly for that.