To Install Arduino Software (IDE) on Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Introduction: To Install Arduino Software (IDE) on Jetson Nano Developer Kit

U will be needing a Jetson Nano Developer Kit πŸ˜…

An internet connection to your jetson board using the ethernet jack or a wifi card which is installed

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Step 1: Clone the Git

open a terminal on your jetson nano kit and copy ( ctrl + shift + v ) ,these into the terminal

$ git clone

$ cd installArduinoIDE

click enter

Step 2: Move Your Current Directory to the Downloaded File

enter this in the terminal

$ ./

U may be prompted to enter your password

Step 3: Finishing Step

If u notice your desktop u will an unidentified icon named "arduino-arduinoide.desktop"

launch the icon u may be prompted an untrusted application launcher message ->> click on Trust and launch button

the Arduino IDE should launch.

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