Toasted Oat & Nut Muesli Recipe

Introduction: Toasted Oat & Nut Muesli Recipe

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Since I started clean eating I've struggled to find a suitable breakfast cereal. The supermarket brands are extremely high in quick release carbs, most have added sugar, salt and additives.

So I looked into making my own cereal "Wag Doll's Easy Toasted Oat and Nut Muesli with Dried Fruit."

Oats are pretty much the only carb food that I eat regularly when eating clean. They are low on the Glyceamic Index meaning they release their energy very slowly, keeping you feeling full and avoiding a blood sugar spike. Oats also contain fibre, protein and help lower cholesterol levels. Combine with nutritious nuts and dried fruit for a super healthy and filling breakfast.


500g rolled oats
100g almonds
100g mixed dried fruit of your choosing

Roughly chop the almonds, you can use a food processor but as I don't have one I just manually chopped them.

Heat the oven to a moderate temperature (160degrees Celsius/320 fahrenheit). Spread some of the oats and nuts on ungreased baking trays. Spread in a thin layer and cook in the oven for approx 30 mins, stirring regularly. Do not allow the oats/nuts to burn. When the oats & almonds begin to turn golden and smell gorgeously nutty they're ready.
Repeat for the remaining oats & nuts. Leave to cool.

When cool combine the oats and nuts in a large bowl.
Chop the dried fruit mix if necessary. I used 'Trail Mix' - a mix of dried apricots & papaya, sultanas, banana chips and Brazil nuts
Add the dried fruit to the oat & nut mixture and your home-made muesli is done.
Store in an airtight container.

You can find more detailed instructions at and a nutritional breakdown of the recipe, plus my other 'Eating Clean & Looking Lean' recipes and diet information.

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