Toddler Camp Mattress/carry Bag

About: One minute you're basking in the wonderfulness of Texas, the next you're in a frozen wasteland with no hope of return. Or something like that.

Intro: Toddler Camp Mattress/carry Bag

Ever go camping with the wee ones, and don't want them sleeping on the cold, hard ground? Do you have a soft padded bow case? Then I've got the camping hack for you!

Step 1: Soft Bow Case

This is what it looks like with a bow inside.

Step 2: The Inside

with a bow inside.

Step 3: Hmm...

What's inside now?

Step 4: Toddler Bedding!

Yay. This way her pillow* and sleeping bag can stay together while traveling.

*Not my toddler's actual pillow. This one's not princessy enough.

Step 5: Ready for the Sleeping!

Now she's got padding/insulation for a snug night's rest-at least until she ends up in my sleeping bag.

Olaf not included.



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