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Introduction: Toddler Hylian Shield and Sword

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For halloween this year i wanted my son to go as link And this is my instructable on how to make the 2 iconic parts to make a link costume complete. Hope u enjoy :)

Step 1: Templates

Tools you will need for this are: 1 square tile of EVA foam 1 pack of £1 shop A4 foam ( or foamies US) A printer A £1 shop foam sword ( you find these all over) PVA glue craft paint + brushes ect.. Glue gun First thing i did was googled "hylian shield template". Once you find one you like print it as large as it fits on your paper. Next i used the printout to cut out the full shield in eva foam because this is sturdy and then use the foamies for detail.

Step 2: Add Detail

Next i used the template to draw and cut out the foamie details and glued them to the eva foam to create the look of an embossed shield. (You may notice my in progress link costume on the right :D) When i was happy with the positioning i glued them all on with a low temp glue gun.

Step 3: The Sword!

Next i used the foam sword and trimmed it to be more proportionally accurate with the shield. I added bits of eva foam and foamies to get a nice zelda style look. When i was happy woth the outcome i glued them all on. After this i used PVA To coat all the sword and the shield. Doing this seals the foam and gives the paint a longer lasting finish. Let it dry for 24 hours and then next fun bit PAINT.

Step 4: Paint!!!

Since i used the correct coloured foam for the shield, not alot of painting was needed. I used a silver paint to the outer part of the shield and that was it. The sword i used a baby blue craft paint which looked alot darker once it was put on but i was happy with the outcome. I also gave the blade a coat of silver for effect. WEATHERING using black acrylic and a wet cloth i painted the cracks and wiped off the excess to give a weathered battleworn look. This part totally transforms the look of the shield. All thats needed now is some strap glued to the back and hey presto!! Your done!! Hope you enjoyed it. Heres what else im doing for my link costume........

Step 5: Other Projects.....

Link bomb and rupees. Ill post these when ive done them :D

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    Hi, sorry I never got around to making a tutorial. If you Google 'rupee template' you will find a lot of different templates that just require you to print cut and glue. Good luck

    My little bro wants to be Link for Halloween so this is perfect thank you so much!

    Oh, and on the shield, did you apply the PVA glue coating with a brush; and was it straight or watered down?

    Great job! I'm dying to know how you did the rupee. Are you still planning on making a rupee instructable?

    great, did one for my kid before i even knew this instructable. Just eyeballed it with carton and starch. :-) your paintjob is better though

    Shield looks fantastic.

    Great idea

    How did you get the shield to have that curved look rather than lay flat?

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    Hi. I used a hair dryer to gently heat the back of the shield while bending it to the right shape. I was gona leave it flat at forst but it lacked 'depth' so i decided to curve it.