Toddler Sweaters

Introduction: Toddler Sweaters

My dear best friend from my days living in Colorado became a Grandma last year. In fact, all three of her daughters had their first babies last year.

I made these two sweaters for Ayden, born in Dec. and Milo, born in January. (A dress in Cotton-Ease for Addison is a WIP.)

I took the time to finish these off with a sewn cast-off - took forever! but was well worth the effort.

Pattern - Striped Cardi (free pattern from Lion Brand)
Knit in Size 18-24 months
Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Ayden's Maize, Berry, Terra Cotta
Milo's Lake, Lime, Taupe
Size 4 and 6 Addi Turbo circular needles



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    Would the person who posted these pics PLEASE email me at I have some questions for you regarding the stuffed dogs in your pics. I have one of these dogs and have never seen another like it.

    Those sweaters are beautiful! *thinks to self: gotta try that pattern!*

    lovely sweaters! I knit for charity and these sweaters look just the job, thanks for sharing

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    Thanks stinkymum. These knit up quickly, just don't make the mistake I made. Next time, I'll carry the color changes up the side to avoid weaving in those pesky ends.