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Intro: Toilet Cleaning Bombs

If there's a housework I really dislike, it's the bathroom cleaning. I don't like it especially because of all the vapors from the bleach and other cleaning substances. I try to substitute them with homemade detergents such as these toilet bombs.

You will need:
- 1 cup of baking soda

- 1 cup of citric acid

- zest from 1 lemon

- essential oils tea tree and lavender

- spray bottle with some water

- silicone molds or other molds, eventually also something to cover them with

I use coconut shells to mold the bombs and this recipe makes for 2 bombs (one bomb per half shell). However, you can use for example silicone molds for ice, make much smaller bombs and use more than one at a time for the cleaning.

Note to the essential oils: The essential oils tea tree and lavender are mild disinfectants and the tea tree oil works also as antimykotic. If you don't like their fragrance, just add other essential oils or skip them completely. Then your bombs won't have the mentioned effect but the cleaning agent is the soda (helps get rid of the limestone), so the main effect will be still there.

Shelf life: I have never kept the bombs for more than 2 weeks, usually just for a few days - so far they've never gone bad. However, if you want to keep them for weeks to months, don't add the lemon zest. You can skip it or replace it with a few drops of essential oil such as lemon, orange or lemon grass.

Step 1: Mix the Ingredients

In a bowl, mix the lemon zest, baking soda and citric acid. Add 10 drops from each essential oil.

Step 2: Add Water and Form

Start adding water from the spray bottle, just little by little. The mixture mustn't be soaked, just wet enough to hold together when you try to form it with your hand. In my case all it takes is to spray the mixture twice, so there's really only very small amount of water needed.

If the mixture starts reacting - it starts growing - you've added too much water. In this case, throw the mixture away and start a new batch. Once the soda reacts with the water, the reaction won't repeat.

Press the mixture in your mold. If you have a silicone mold, you can press the mixture directly in it. I use coconut shells which I first cover with some aluminium foil. Let the bombs dry for at least 6 hours in a dry place.

Step 3: How to Use the Bomb

To use it just throw one bomb in your toilet and let it foam, then clean with a toilet brush. The bomb will help getting rid of the limestone and will also make your bathroom smell great.

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    13 Discussions

    Creative Mom CZDanaaV

    Answer 3 months ago

    I think there should be no problem with those, however, I have never tried. But why not!

    Creative Mom CZ

    Question 4 months ago

    Hi, to be honest, I don't know much about the chemical reactions. My grandma used to use the soda for cleaning limestone and it worked, later we started making the bombs just with soda. I started adding the citric acid because I read it would work better, so yes, I see the point. Besides the cleaning effect of soda it bubbles all around the toilet and gets everywhere (if the bomb is big enough).


    Question 4 months ago

    How do these compare to using citric acid alone? Citric acid removes lime scale; baking soda does not. Citric acid reacts with baking soda to create co2 and salt.


    5 months ago

    I suspect that what lennowak meant in the above question by "septic system" concerned systems whereby plumbing water and wastes go into an underground purification chamber (aerobic or anaerobic) on private property and are then dispersed into surrounding ground filtration fields rather than being piped into municipal waste water systems. In such cases, it is advisable to monitor what types of "chemicals" are introduced into septic tanks in order to not upset the delicate microbial balance necessary for the efficient breakdown and dispersion of waste products. (This breakdown is commonly achieved by certain types of enzymes and/or oxygenation.) I'm not any kind of expert, but I hope my elementary explanation helps!


    Question 5 months ago on Step 1

    Thank you.Are the essentials oils strictly for aroma. What is their function in this recipe?

    Could they be considered “option”.(my wife is sensitive to fragrances)

    Have you been using this recipe with with a septic system with no issues?

    1 more answer
    Creative Mom CZlennowak

    Answer 5 months ago

    Great questions, thanks! Both lavender and tea tree essential oils are mild disinfectants, that is why add them in the bombs. Moreover, the tea tree oil works as antimykotic. You can skip them in the recipe, the main ingredient is the soda which is the cleaning agent as it helps get rid of the limestone. The essential oils can induce allergic reaction, especially in direct contact with the skin when they are very concentrated and not mixed with any other oil, water and emulsifier etc. However, it's not the case with the toilet bombs, they won't touch the skin. As I said, if your wife is sensitive to their fragrances, just skip them or add another essential oil that doesn't bother her.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the septic system, if you mean the plumbing of the toilet, then yes, no problems. The soda reacts with the water in the toilet, all the stuff happens where you can see it and after the reaction wears off you can just flush it, the reaction won't repeat.

    Creative Mom CZRichardP221

    Answer 5 months ago

    I always make just a few of them, I never had them longer than 2 weeks and they never went bad. If you want to keep them for a long time (months) I would say replace the lemon zest with essential oil - lemon, lemon grass...then there's no ingredient that should go bad or at least not fast.

    Creative Mom CZKVSBUNNY

    Answer 5 months ago

    2 in a coconut shell. If i use silicone mold for icecubes its about 16 but they are quite small. I find the coconut shell to be the best for the equation 1 toilet cleaning = 1 bomb.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 months ago

    I'm going to have to try this out! Sounds like a great way to clean the toilet :)

    1 reply