Toilet Paper Core Protector and EZ-Roller




Ever get a roll of TP that has the inner cardboard core bent so that it doesn't roll? Often when getting the TP home from the store, the inner core is misshaped, so it doesn't roll very well. This causes you to get only a couple sheets at a time, and usually when you really, really need a lot more.

This will show you how to make it roll much easier, and protect the core from getting crushed during use.

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Step 1: Items Needed

Toilet paper roll
PVC pipe

Since the only kind of TP I use is on Mega-rolls, this will refer to that size. A standard size may differ in the inner and outer diameter, so measure before buying the PVC pipe. Since standard rollers don't have the extensions that the mega-rollers do, you could just cut a length of PVC pipe to size and slide it in. Because the mega-rollers have the extensions, you have to cut a piece for each end.

The cardboard core on a mega-roll is 1 5/8 inches in diameter. Get a short length of PVC pipe that has that outer diameter (measure across the circle, from outside edge to outside edge).

Step 2: Cut Two Rings.

Saw off two rings, about 1/4 inch wide.

Step 3: Sand.

Sand the rough edges to insure a smooth rolling action. You may want to leave a portion of the inner diameter a little rough to help prevent a runaway roll.

Step 4: Gather Items.

You can see the extensions on the mega-roller. This is to accommodate the extra thickness on a Mega Roll that won't fit in most standard TP receptacles. (You only need two rings -- the extra one on the lower right is one I had cut too thin.)

Step 5: Assemble.

Put the roller in first, then hook the rings on each end.

Step 6: Insert Rings Into Core.

Carefully insert the rings into the core on each side.

Step 7: Roll Away!!!

This will now allow for easier rolling, and protect the core from getting smashed.

Note: In this household, the paper flap goes to the front. You may have to set it the other way if you have cats. Or an insistent wife.

Step 8: How to Fix or Prevent THIS! (This Is Supposed to Be Step One, But I Can't Move It for Some Reason.)

This is how a TP roll often looks when you get it home from the store.



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10 Discussions


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

If you're talking about the extended one, that actually came right in the package with the Mega-Roll of Charmin -- probably because such a large roll wouldn't fit in the receptacle with a standard roller. I still get the Mega-Roll size when I can, but I haven't seen the roll extender in the package for quite some time.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the response. Since posting that question, I came across a toll-free number (800-777-1410) for Charmin. The automated service asks for your name & address so they can mail (up to 3) roll extenders for free!


Reply 2 years ago

Charmin says it is out of stock now and won't have the mega roll extender until July 2017.


2 years ago

Thanks for the good news.


11 years ago on Introduction

Why cut rings off of the PVC tube and not just use a section of pipe that runs the entire length of the toilet paper tube? It would actually give the roll some nice momentum (like a flywheel almost), which could help when you are trying to build up some speed for those really really big un-rollings. I love projects that make bathrooms better! Nice work!

2 replies

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

With the extensions you couldn't just slide it the roller in. I found the mega-core roller to be very difficult to get apart and put back together, risking breaking it every time. (Noted in Step 2.)


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

I never even knew about extensions at all. I totally see what you are talking about and understand why the rings are necessary. I really support your work!

I've got to go get some of those extenders - my mega rolls fit way too tightly inside of their holders.

See here


11 years ago on Introduction

Cool, I hate it when you get those toilet paper rolls all squished.. but I just squish them back super hard. Haha, cool Instructable.