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Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Art!

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I've been on a DIY kick lately. Every thing I throw away or recycle become scrutiny to the big question: can I reuse that? Coming from an extremely green household, making arts and crafts from recycled items is pretty much a given. My favorite? Toilet paper rolls. I know. So simple! Everybody has these in their homes. They're everywhere! I originally saw something like this on Pinterest, but decided to go outside the box with how big I decided to go. I wanted to cover up some white walls! So, here you go! It's very pretty, and I always get compliments! No one believes me when I say their paper towel rolls! ;)

Step 1: Gather Items

You will need lots and lots of toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls. I saved up for quite a while, and had about fifty to start with. You will also need a hot glue gun, and paint if you want to make it pretty!

Step 2: Cut Up the Rolls

I cut about an inch thick, but you can make however you want. Cut up as much as you think you'll need, I usually got five ovals per roll.

Step 3: Paint! (Optional)

I think cardboard by itself is pretty and simple. But color does make it pop out more! It can be very messy, at least the way I chose to do it. My first trial and error I used spray paint, but the brand I used dost bond well to the roll. Crayola or any craft paint works well.

Step 4: Make It Original!

You can virtually make it as big as you want, and use whatever design makes you feel good! The possibilities are endless! Hang it on the wall, string it from the ceiling, add some creativity and craftiness to any room!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I found this project to be very productive and cost efficient! I'm excited to see what comes next out of this, you have lots of potential!