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The holidays can tap you out, leaving you to have to be creative with your gift wrap!
For small gifts, (or even a kind of Redneck Advent Calendar!) this is a super cheap DIY gift box made from an empty toilet paper roll. It is also a great way to use up those scraps of wrapping paper!

Toilet paper tubes
Gift wrap
Invisible tape

Pencil & ruler optional but helpful!

Step 1: Measure Wrapping Paper

Measure the length of the roll,  and cut the paper  long enough to go around the tube one and a half times. Make sure the paper covers the ends on either side. 

Tape one end evenly to the roll, with invisible tape. 

Step 2: Roll Your Roll

Roll the paper around the roll, and tape the seam. Make sure everything is nice and even. 

Step 3: Pinch and Tape

Pinch your roll, as shown in the first picture. Fold the end neatly, and tape it closed. 

Step 4: Fill & Repeat

Place a small gift inside. I wrapped a pair of earrings this way. If you use a paper towel tube, they make fun boxes for cookies! 



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thank 他 so helpful love you

Fairuz Tasnem

3 years ago

Thanks! it really is HELPFUL!