Toilet Paper Rope!

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Ever want to try and test the strength of toilet paper? Probably not, and it isn't that strong. But, it is cool and easy to make, and would be great for crafts requiring a lightweight rope. For this, you will need a roll of toilet paper, and a clamp. That's it, ifs easy. Just ask your mom first before you take the families TP, I mean who hates it when your out of TP??

Step 1: Layout and Prepare!

Alright, roll out your toilet paper, specifically on a hard wood floor on linoleum or tile, because you want to to slide easily. Next, double the TP over, and try to do it as even as possible. Next, take your clamp and clamp the fold to a sturdy surface. You are ready for the next step!

Step 2:

Now roll your pieces together, in a semi-tight fashion. You dint want it too loose, but you don't want it too tight.

Step 3: Double Over and Roll Again

Unclamp, double over, reclamp and twist in the OPPOSITE direction to make the rope strong and durable.

Step 4: Finish Off!!!

Unclamp, double over, and twist opposite of previous one, but not to tight. Tie the loose ends into a knot, and your done!! Please vote for me in the PaperCraft Contest!!!!



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