Toilet Papering Assistant


Introduction: Toilet Papering Assistant

This little thing will easily launch toilet paper nice and high in the air
Right over the tree
It is is a little helping hand when tp'ing

Step 1: Gathering

Materials you will need
1 inch PVC = I used a 16" piece and 8" piece and 4" piece
90 Degree Elbow
PVC Primer
PVC Cement
Black Spray Paint

I found the PVC stuff at Home Depot for about 4 dollars

Step 2: Painting

Next you should go into the garage
Grab some newspaper and throw it on the ground
lay down the PVC pieces and start painting
Spray down all the pieces black and after about an hour flip them over and paint the other side

After everything is dry this is how it should look

Step 3: Connection

The pieces will come together like this

Go into the garage and break out the PVC Cement and Primer
Take the primer and put it on the edges of PVC and then put the cement over it
Push the two pieces together and twist
The cap should never be cemented to anything
just leave it be

Let it dry overnight

Step 4: Tp Time

Now that everything is together i will show you how it works
invalid movie:

You should hold it like this
Enjoy TPing!



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    7 Discussions

    I'd make a TP-gun using a low friction roller and compressed air pointed at the roll. ideally, the air will spin the roll and propel the TP. But i would never do this, espectally on a church. (unless it was Jeremiah Wright's church, but i'm too far away)

    the video is invalid but I'm assuming it works like this: swing your arm upwards towards the target and centrifugal force launches the roll.

    Daaaaam! Thats a good idea! I wish I were still young enough to TP someones house now... :-)

    1 reply