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Introduction: Toilet Seat Bumper

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Have you ever lost your toilet bumpers? The rubber bumper will wear out by time and loosen, then it falls into the toilet and get flushed. I couldn't find the replacement in local market because it is considered as slow moving product. Moreover, most people will just leave their toilet seat without bumpers, that makes the local stores do not want to stock this kind of product. For me, yes it is annoying when I hear the clanking sound everytime I put it down.

I tried to stick VCR bumpers with double tape, but it dropped easily when wet. Then comes this Hot Glue Contest which brings this idea. I was sitting, staring at my glue gun, and thinking what can I make with it. Instantly it crossed my mind to fix my toilet with it.

Step 1: If You Are Lucky Enough

If you are lucky enough to have your glue stick the same size in diameter or slightly larger than the bumper hole, you can simply push it in, then cut the length you want. This way you get the perfect round shape.

If you are not, then go to next step.

Step 2: Fire in the Hole

Plug your glue gun. When the glue start to melt, fire in the hole (sorry, too much movies and games :P ). Fill until the hole is nearly full, then move to the next hole.

Now unplug your gun so that it is not getting any hotter. If it is too hot the glue will keep melting down. After you unplug your gun, start adding the glue half top the hole. Add until 2 mm or 3 mm out of the hole. With the seat up, the glue will still melt downward a little bit, that's why we put the half top more than the lower part of the hole.

If you get messy glue, you can fix it and shape it with your warm iron tip of the gun.

Step 3: Finishing

If you get ziggy surface of your glue, you can heat it up with a lighter. Heat it until the outer part melt and create a smooth surface. Not too hot or it will melt down too much, and don't let the fire touch the glue, otherwise you will burn it. Black.

Always clean your gun tip after use.

Step 4: Result

Repeat the steps for the toilet cover bumpers. Put something between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat. Leave it 30 minutes to completely dry and hardened.

We are done. No more clanking sound and no more scratches.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Don't worry about the black dots in my pictures. They are not from my toilet for I always keep my toilet as clean as possible :D

    It is a defect in my phone camera module.