Toilet Shelf

Introduction: Toilet Shelf

We recently moved to an older style house with a pedestal bathroom sink and zero counter space.

We didnt care for any over toilet shelving units we saw anywhere so my wife requested I make her a small table/shelf.

I took some quick measurements and headed down to my local hardware store. Picked up a piece of 1x10 (3/4"x 9-1/4") poplar at about 30" long. Also got a couple 2x2x8' sticks for the legs along with some sandpaper and paint.

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Step 1: Cutting, Sanding and Assembly

I made a simple hand drawing that we followed and cut everything with a nice chop saw.

Next step was sanding...i hate sanding but it has to be done. The top (poplar) does not need much sanding at all, specially if you are painting instead of staining.

On the other hand, the 2x2 lumber is very rough and needs lots of sanding. I started with 60 on these, then 100, then 200.

After sanding everything i got the wood glue and got out the air compressor and nail gun and started assembly.

I used clamps and let the glue dry before coming in with some wood filler to fill the nail holes.

After it was all assembled and the glue and wood filler is dry, i did one last bit of sanding and then cleaned it up and got it ready for paint.

I decided to add some support angles for the legs for some extra support.

Step 2: Finish

We decided to go with a simple white paint finish.

Picked up some primer and paint. Put on 2 coats of primer and then did a light sanding with 600 sandpaper before finishing it off with 2 coats of paint.

Step 3: All Done

Thats about it, after the paint was all dry i set it in place and since the tile was not quite perfect i used some self adhesive felt to level off one of the legs.

This is a very simple project that can be done over a weekend. Our total cost was about $50 but thats including $20 for primer and paint, and used very little of it.

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