Toilet Spray BB Gun

Intro: Toilet Spray BB Gun

It's very small and shoot very hard. Don't shoot at anyone's EYES!!!

Step 1: Materials U Need!


Screw on pill box
Broken BB Gun (Or Just Any Pipe)
Old Lighter
Axe or Any Cheap Toilet Spray
BB Bullets

Glue Gun
Knife or a pair of scissors
Screw Driver

Step 2: Getting the Pipe Out of the BB Gun

Open up the BB gun and you will see this thing shown on the picture and then open the object up and you will get this pipe and a rubber piece. Keep the rubber piece on the pipe.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Lighter

Open up the lighter and u will see a black object inside, then take it out.

Step 4: Making the Holes in the Bottle and the Glueing Everything Together

Make on hole in the lid, big enough for the pipe then glue the pipe and the lid together. Make one big hole big enough for the brass round thing at the bottom and also make one small hole for the wire and the glue it toghether.

Step 5: This Is How It Must Look Inside.

The wire must be close enough to the brass point to let it shock.

Step 6: Get Ready to Fire

Just one puff of spray and also air and you are ready (REMEMBER THERE MUST BE A BALANCE BETWEEN AIR AND TOILET SPRAY). Sorry the picture is upside down!!!!

Step 7: Final Product

Do not shoot at anyone's eyes!!!



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