Toilet Foam Bomb


Introduction: Toilet Foam Bomb

How to play a trick on a friend with just a few dollars.

Step 1: Materials Required

1x box of dryer sheets
1x plastic bottle

Step 2: Cutting Your Bottle

Take your plastic bottle and punch a few holes in the bottom. It doesn't really matter what kind of bottle you use, so be creative.

Step 3: Filling Your Bottle

Once you have holes in your bottle, take the cap off then fill it with the dryer sheets.

Step 4: Setting the Trap

Once you have the bottle stuffed full of dryer sheets, just set the bottle inside your toilet's tank.

Step 5: Prank Accomplished

Now that the trap is set, as soon as someone flushes the toilet, they're in for a huge surprise.




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    38 Discussions

    It didn't work for me. Was it the dryer sheets I used (Target brand)?

    Would love to try that in some fast-food joint! LOL

    I KNOW this is a really old 'ible - but it looked so GREAT, I had to give it a shot ! Or two....

    The first time, I don't think I poked enough holes in the bottle - so now my daughter is trying out version TWO - long verticle slices down the side, as well as holes in the bottom ! The verticle slices were done by making two cuts, then removing the material in the middle - so there should be NO issue - right ? I'm kinda "iffy" about it, since the first one was such a dismal failure !

    I want to at camp, and what do you do? Do you leave the cap off, or put it back on? Do you just put it anywhere in the back?

    Do you put it in the toilet with the bottles lid on or off?