Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Lock

Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Lock

This simple life hack will prevent your toilet paper roll dispenser from springing apart and bouncing into those nasty areas around the potty. And, by adjusting the tension, you just might find that the dispenser pops out less often.

Step 1: Drill a Hole Through Both Tubes to Match Your Screw Size With the Dispenser Still Assembled.

You should have two, overlapping holes now. There should be one in the inner tube and one in the outer tube.

Step 2: Mill Out a Channel in the Outer Tube to Allow the Screw Head to Move Back and Forth Unimpeded.

Disassemble and set the inner tube aside. You'll be using the outer tube for this next step.

Start your channel at the hole in the outer tube. I drilled a series of holes in a line and then used an Xacto knife to do the rest. It's rough, but I'm not looking to impress anybody.

*Make the channel long enough so that the reassembled dispenser just barely slides back into the fixture.

Tight tolerances will make the dispenser less likely to disengage from the notches in the fixture. My roll dispenser is part of my tile wall. Yours might be different, but most use a notched-inset type of set up. So, you should be good.

Step 3: Reassemble the Dispenser. Does the Channel Align With the Hole in the Inner Tube?

Step 4: Insert a Screw to a Functional Depth.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Actually I think it's criminal neglect when the dispensers have no retaining screws or other means to prevent the device from launching it's mating part.

    How cheap the manufacturers are!