Toilet Paper Roll Friendship Album




Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Friendship Album

I used six empty toilet paper rolls as the base for my album.  They were sterilised in the microwave for 20 seconds before use just in case.
After keeping them under a pile of books for a few days to flatten them I covered the ends with plain paper and tucked it inside so there were no raw card edges.
Then each was wrapped in decorative paper.
I then cut a long strip of card 3mm narrower than the flattened aperture  x 31.5cm long and scored it - 2cm - (05cm - 2cm - 2cm) repeat six times then gain at 0.5 - 2cm.  the first 2cm is to adhere the cover to.  The 05 is to allow the width of the tp rolls with the bits stuck on them and the 2x 2cm folded in half  and staple or glued to keep it closed so creating a sort of hinge, tucks inside the tp roll and is glued in place to create the binding. It is reinforced later with the cover material.
to create the hard cover, cut a piece of card .05cm wider at the top and bottom and 2cm longer than the tp roll.
The 2cm end flap of the long strip is glued outside of the card so that when the album s opened, no binder card is visible other than the hinge.
Cut a length of fabric or leather long enough to wrap over the ends of the hard cover by 1cm when it is closed and 2cm wider than the hard cover so that 1cm will wrap over top and bottom.
Glue the 1cm end in place and at the same time cover the outside of the binding in glue so that the hinge adheres to the leather.  At this stage, the leather will be too wide at the hinge.  Snip down the leather/fabric to the edge of binding and trim off level leaving the leather at the hard cover to fold over after snipping off the corners so that it will fold in neatly and lay flat.
That is the basic album.  Now you can decorate it as you chose.
I have made little tags to slide into the tp rolls and other little slots and places for more tags and messages.
I made the box too and covered it in pretty paper and decorated it with sparkly gems and ribbon.

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    How beautiful! I would never guess this was made from toilet paper rolls WOW! I'd love to see photos of the making of it.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I will be making another shortly using pastel colours so will try to get all of the processes in picture.