Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Glitch.

Introduction: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Glitch.

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I found out about this glitch on the internet. I read about it and then i tried to find it. I found it on co-op play offline. I found out that if you find it n co-op you dont get to watch the video so do it on single player campaign. The level the glitch is on os Fremont Street. Also if anyone knows how to respawn on co-op terrorist hunt then tell me please.

Step 1: Fremont Street

The first step of this glitch is to find the the ladder that leads . If you shoot this bottle you get a video of the outakes of this game. the first step to find the Axe bottle is to climb the ladder that leads to the top of a building. Climbing this ladder is the easiest way of reaching the Axe bottle. the ladder is located to the left side of the the civilians people that are alway yelling and crying. When you find the ladder climb up it and go all the way to the end of the platform. You can reach the bottle of axe without using the ladder but it is easier to use the ladder.

Step 2: The Bottle of Axe

When you reach the end of the platorm you can climb down the ladder. You don't have to if you don't want to. I find it easier and safer to stay on the platform. At the bottem of the ladder there will be a little garden with a ledge. (If you are still on the platform then just walk up to the edge and look diagonal down). On the ledge close to the wall there is a bottle of Axe. Shoot the bottle of Axe and in a few seconds there will be the outakes of the game. Enjoy. And by the way if you want to watch the video again then just run off the edge of the platform. You will respawn and you can do the glitch over and over again.

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