Tom Riddle Diary

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Since I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I want all the props from the movie. Today, I decided to do the Tom Riddle Diary with the Basilisk Fang. Here is what you will need :

  • black leather diary/journal
  • 3D Printer for the fang
  • Some paint (black, yellow, white)
  • drill
  • lighter
  • Gold cardboard/paper
  • Hot glue
  • Tea/Coffee

I'm french so there might be english mistakes

Step 1: Choose a Journal

I used an old black leather journal that I already had. They are pretty cheap on amazon.

Step 2: Stain the Journal

In the movie, the journal is very old, so we will have to stain the pages. I just stained the borders because that's what we will see.

I used some tea that I brushed around the corners page by page.

Then I dry each page with an hair dryer. After that, I apply a pressure for several hours on the pages to keep them flat.

Step 3: 3D Print the Fang (and the Top)

For the fang I used a model that I scaled from Thingiverse.

And I used an other model (that I split) for the top of the fang. (I am not a 3D modeler so I had to do this)

I used hot glue to assemble the two together.

I sanded the top part on the sides to be more equal with the base. I used polyfilla to hide the little holes between the top and the base (it also had a certain effect).

Step 4: Weathering the Fang

To add an old effect to the fang, I simply use, black, yellow and white paint. I used my finger to paint the fang and I did random movement with random quantity of these colors to add this effect!

Then apply white glue with a brush on the tooth to smooth it and add a glossy effect.

Step 5: The Hole

First, there is no secret here, just drill a hole to fit your fang!

Then, to make the effect around the hole, you will need a lighter. With that, you will burn the surface of the journal around the hole. Burn until the desire effect. I also burn the hole of the pages. BE CAREFUL ALL TIME, do not burn your fingers

Step 6: Add the Corners

For the corners I had a box with a gold cover. I print a pattern of the corner and draw 4 of them on the cardboard. After that, I hot glue each them in the 2 corners in the front and in the back. I draw with a black sharpie the different dots that appear on the pattern. Finally, I used black paint to add weathering on these corners.

Step 7: Result

An easy DIY project for everyone who like Harry Potter. It cost nothing because I already had everything. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

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    Goodness! this is great for a Christmas gift!


    3 years ago

    I'm voting for you


    3 years ago

    Awesome instructable your "diary" decor looks fabulous!


    3 years ago

    you have my vote, Good Job!!!