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Introduction: Tomato Gardening - Seeds to the Fruit

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I love Tomato and I love gardening them in my home.

Here I 'll show you how to grow Tomato indoors starting from seeds right up to the grown fruits.

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Step 1: Set Up You Gadget

Stuff you need :

Container you can get it from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, eBay

Peat Moss you can get it from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, eBay

Tomato Seeds you can get it from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR, eBay

Get a suitable soilcontainer. I got a couple of 50 cm wide container.

Fill it with soil. Here I used peat moss as soil. You can also just get some soil from anywhere you can.

Put the soil inside the container.

Step 2: Get the Seeds

Get the Tomato seeds from an ordinary Tomato fruit you eat every day. The single Tomato fruit contains many seeds inside it.

Put the seeds inside the soil and water them with suitable amount of water.

Don't put too much water above the soil so it looks as if it was drowned.

Just enough water to keep the soil wet.

Step 3: Take Care of Your Farm and Watch It Growing

The best thing in Tomato gardening is that you can see the plant growing fast.

I got some green leaves out of the soil just after a few days when I planted the seeds.

Keep watering the soilevery day.

In the hot days you may need to water them twice a day to keep the soil wet and plants happy.

The best time to water the plants is in the early morning. But if you couldn't do this just do it as soon as you can.

If you intend to travel for a couple of days you may consider leaving the plants with someone who takes care of them or you can use a simple automatic irrigation system or an unattended irrigation system.

The most simple unattended irrigation system is simply a plastic bottle filled with water and holed at the bottom so that water can drop automatically on the soil and keep it wet.

You can find many ideas of such thing on . Just search for " self watering " or another words give that the same meaning.

Just remember to keep the soil wet to keep your Tomato alive and healthy.

Step 4: Wait to Get the Fruits

After 3 months you can see yellow flowers from your plants.

After four to five months you can see you first Tomato fruit coming out of a flower.

It starts growing from small size you can hardly notice and keeps getting bigger to get the size of the normal Tomato.

When it gets its normal size, it is still green colored.

The fruit color keeps changing slowly from green to orange to dark red.

The fruit changes from being so hard to get softer.

When it gets soft enough, you can eat it.

Step 5: Some Useful Tips

- Keep watering the soil every day . Don't let the soil be dry. This can harm the plants.

- Don't put too much water on the soil. Too much water can also harm the plants.

- Don't panic if you found some yellow leaves in the plant. Some leaves may get the yellow color when the plant gets older or after a very hot day. You may remove yellow leaves as they are not useful for plant growth.

- Carefully look at your small garden every day and watch the changes in the plants. You can find some fruits that have grown up without your notice.

- You may find some white insects on the leaves and the twigs. You must remove them because they are harmful to the plant and make leaves get yellow more often.


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