Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Tomato scrambled eggs is a traditional Chinese food, it is very delicious and nutritious, it is easy to cook, so it is very popular among people. Today I will teach you how to cook tomato scrambled eggs

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Step 1: Food Ingredients

we need to prepare some materials:tomato, egg, salt, MSG and sugar, then we can cook. We have seven steps to cook tomato scrambled eggs.

Step 2: 1

Cut tomatoes

Step 3: 2

Break up the eggs in the bowl, and then stir well

Step 4: 3

Pour oil into the pot, fry eggs

Step 5: 4

Put the eggs in the plate

Step 6: 5

Pour oil into the pot, fry tomatoes

Step 7: 6

Put the eggs into the pot, fry together.

Step 8: 7

Put a little sugar and onions and salt. End of the tutorial.

Step 9: Ending

This is a simple, traditional and delicious Chinese food, It is recommended that you personally cook once. Thank you for watching!!

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    2 years ago

    This is delicious, my friend Xu Dan used to make this for us for breakfast sometimes :)