Tombstone Fix- It

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Have you ever had that old " why won't this darn thing stand!!!!!!!!!!" tombstone dilemma??? I have , my neighbors have and I bet half of the world have, that's why I came up with a way easier way of making those store bought tombstones stay in place


Old tombstones
Packing tape
Glue gun/glue sticks

I recommend using bamboo skewers from good cook they're super sturdy and way cheap

Step 1: Step 1

Place the tombstone on its back , take your skewers and hot glue the skewers and tape the skewers in place, make sure they're super secure , I used 2 skewers for small tombstones and 3 for the bigger ones, wait to dry and it's fixed!!!! Go out put em up and they stay up pretty good mine have been through two storms and gusty winds :)




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