Steampunk Analog Gauge Moonphase Clock

Introduction: Steampunk Analog Gauge Moonphase Clock

Check out the photo instructable for this clock. I include a shorter video and detail on the construction, components, and software. Cheers!
A clock I built for a friend of mine in the steampunk style; made with an old oak telephone box, analog volt meters, brass switches and accents, a wind-up mechanism and some surprises.



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    lovely clock, but this is not really an instructable, is it?

    there are plenty places to show off your work, this place is to find out how to make things

    Amazingly awesome!I'm definitely inspired to make a variation of this.

    Brilliant! Would you consider doing a commission piece to sale?

    I have no idea why the comments section isn't exploding! This is wickedly brilliant, Sir! You should go into making these for a living, you'd be rich! Lol

    Your clock is positively fantastic. It has so many functions that are so neatly and elegantly accessible, with more than enough turn-of-the-century whimsy and Arduino goodness to go around. Awesome.

    That clock is superb. It's beautiful, functional, interesing and very different. You seem to have thought of everything, lights, meters, sounds, colors, wood paneling, even an OLED screen.

    Well done.

    This is great. I love functional art. Your use of the analog gauges to create a 24 hour clock and also to provide the date, ingenious. The moon phase device is awesome also. I assume it changes with the actual phases of the moon. Again ingenious. Your attention to detail and the "beauty" of the piece is super.

    If you can't tell I really like this piece. - Well Done
    Instructable - Well done
    Art and detail-Well Done

    Great Job.

    You have my vote!!

    What a beautiful detailed job.
    Some of the ticking sounds seem too big or small for a clock this size, but that's just an opinion.
    Being digitally controlled, one probably could interface it to control some home automation tasks, like lights, lawn watering, start the Roomba or more.
    Really cool.

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    Yeah, the possibilities are endless. I just had to stop somewhere! I really wanted to add hourly chimes and settable alarms etc etc .......


    I'd love more info; particularly on how you wired and coded the arduino to drive the gauges.

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    I'm currently writing up a photo instructable (I'm new to this) with much more detail. Stay tuned...